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  • 💫 Visionaries, World Changers!
    💡 They can view the world as their playground! They see possibilities that offer value and they can visualize scale. They motivate people to follow their vision, inspire investors to support them. 🤔 They can see years or decades into the future and reverse engineer the process. They set mini goals or steps and adapt […]
  • 💶 Rich-People’s Beliefs
    😇Serve a vast majority of people. Make their vision greater than your fear of scale, you may have. Let your vision be about serving people in need. Their vision is greater than the resistance from others. They solve world’s biggest problems. Their mission seems impossible not to fulfill. 😎 They live in a high opulent […]
  • 👑 Earning VS Enjoying Time
    💶 Time is precious, because time never comes back. So.. time is not equal tom money. There is a quote: “Time is money”, but I doubt that. It can be exchanged for money. ⏱ But we can leverage time by investing energy to create residual income. Because we invest energy and focus to residual income […]
  • 🔥 Working Hard Is A Myth
    🤩 This Is One of The Biggest Myths Ever. There is no need for hard work when you got to the point where you work smart. Smart work is far more efficient for success. We will see below why. ⛓ Sacrifices? No, need when it comes to deliberating habits. Gratification through daily life is important […]
  • 💵 Wealthy inside – Wealthy outside
    🥰 Emotional well-being is the state where the individual has everything in balance. Feels worthy, has forgiveness and gratitude. 🤩 Your inner feeling of worthiness will be expressed in an external motivation Action that lead to wealth. Steady actions based on fundamental knowledge. Small wins should be celebrated, to keep us motivated. 🥰 Forgive everyone […]
  • ❄️ Cold about Money?!
    🤩 Is this the hey to wealth? 💶 It could be one the most important factors to attract wealth! 💵 Saving money or investing in yourself with right judgement is important. But first emotions need to be controlled. There are specific strategies for that. Asking specific questions, like: “where is my reactoin coming from” or […]
  • 🤩 Reward your Good Actions (ep.10)
    😍 Good Action are the source of Good Outcomes. And those should be Rewarded. Rewarding is great, but should serve out own Goals than holding us Back. Meaning that avoiding Bad Habits, like alcohol and long hours on TV. 😊 Sparing Money for Bad Habits lead to Financial Bad Investment as well as Individual Decrease […]
  • 👈 Money, out of Nowhere
    🤩 Yes! Everything we see around us was just a thought in the Beginning. 😇 Physicist can say that it was in the quantum field. Spiritualists can say that it was attracted by the Universe. And others can say that was just an insight. 😊 The point is to be written down and well processed, […]
  • 🤩 A Vision, Your Vision – 9. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    👑 Everyone of us wants a business, maybe an online business. But do We have a Vision? A purpose to serve, something that fulfills each and every Action. 🌍 In The End you may Leave a Legacy for others to remember. Be Inspired from You and Grow because of You. 🌈 Leaving Your mark on […]
  • 🤩 Energy flows, where energy Goes, results Grow – 8. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    What do you work on, works!! 🤗 Utilize your non-physical wealth, can make you rich. Everyone is wealthy. Everyone is born with values, skills, abilities and a personality. These Traits can make you Unique and provide you Zero Competition! 🤪 Tap into your best traits and convert them to physical wealth, cash! Can be used […]