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  • 💫 Debt is Awesome!
    🙁 Consider that everyone begins in life with Debt 😭 So much money for a University that we know it’s Almost Inevitable to payback. For the reason to follow a purpose that leads to happiness. 😮 It’s easy to freak-out thinking the amount of money. But knowledge can be a great exchange of money. And […]
  • 👈 Money, out of Nowhere
    🤩 Yes! Everything we see around us was just a thought in the Beginning. 😇 Physicist can say that it was in the quantum field. Spiritualists can say that it was attracted by the Universe. And others can say that was just an insight. 😊 The point is to be written down and well processed, […]
  • 🤩 A Vision, Your Vision – 9. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    👑 Everyone of us wants a business, maybe an online business. But do We have a Vision? A purpose to serve, something that fulfills each and every Action. 🌍 In The End you may Leave a Legacy for others to remember. Be Inspired from You and Grow because of You. 🌈 Leaving Your mark on […]
  • 🤩 Energy flows, where energy Goes, results Grow – 8. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    What do you work on, works!! 🤗 Utilize your non-physical wealth, can make you rich. Everyone is wealthy. Everyone is born with values, skills, abilities and a personality. These Traits can make you Unique and provide you Zero Competition! 🤪 Tap into your best traits and convert them to physical wealth, cash! Can be used […]
  • 😲 To Be POOR, is to consume! – 7. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    🤯 I read this .. And I was surprised How it Truly Applies to reality! 😊 Wealthy people produce for others to consume. They produce MORE than what they consume. Here applies the Pareto Principle, 90/10, 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40. Where the big number to the left, refers to production and the lower number to […]
  • 🤩 Gateway for wealth – 6. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    😧 I’m Stuck!!! I don’t find a Way! Follow the tracks of Money and you will find Wealth. You are the Books that you read, the Podcast that you Listen to and Company you are into. 😇 Read Books about Wealth, Money and Business. Listen to Podcasts about Wealthy people and stories. Join Facebook groups […]
  • 😮 Complaining?! – 5. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude
    😡 No excuses! But explain to yourself why I step back? Answer it-find it-pass through it. In modern world we complain about TONS of Stuff. In the End it lasts to be a distraction the Whole process of complaining. But! In this world we have so many opportunities We Fail to see. Unlimited Internet, Free […]
  • 🥺 Oh My.. It’s Hard.. – 4. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude (series)
    😲 They say Entrepreneurship could be hard. But i say, every Beginning could be Hard. Is there a way that could Make it easy? Videos could be hard, but do you know many Marketeers make Sales Without a video? 🤩 Difficulty is related to complexity. What if You Simplify the Video process? Write down a […]
  • 😲WoW.. Audience
    😱 Wondering who would be your audience that your business is referring to?! Good Question. The ones that would like you, know you trust you. A business is built on trust! 🤤 Where are they?! They are in a place that they can congregate, comment, discuss about different stuff. They are in a place where […]
  • Belief ?!?! 😱 – 3. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude (series)
    It’s Just a Word… BUT if We dive in Inside We can find The word EXPECTATION.. 🤩 What do You Expect From You or Future Events?! 😟 You can’t Imagine the The Power of Expectation -> Believe 😊